DIY: Holiday Ombre Glitter Heels! (JIMMY CHOO HACK!) -By Orly Shani


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I am showing you how to hack the Jimmy Choo Ombre Glitter Heels for this holiday season! The heels are $795 and absolutely gorgeous… BUT, they’re way out of my budget.
So we are going to DIY our own and you can pick ANY color combo you want.
There will be a mix of fine and chunky glitter for this project which really does make all the difference.
These Heels will be perfect for the Holidays… especially New Years Eve!
Pumps (Not Patent)
Fine Glitter Set-
Extra Chunky Glitter –
Mod Podge Glitter Brush on-
Mod Podge Fabric Brush on –
Mod Podge Spray on –
Spray Adhesive –


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  1. Hi, in your other video, you said to mix glitter with glue then, add glitter on top!! Why didn't you do that here?! Thank you.

  2. Do you recommend that I use fine glitter then do a plain coat of mod podge and then use the mod podge spray and apply the chunky glitter or should I mix it in a cup together and do it in one step instead of two like you end up doing in the end? And then do I use the scotch spray at the end to seal it? Thank you just want mine to be as perfect as yours.

  3. This was a year ago so I don’t expect an answer but.. I have leather not fabric heels, will these ingredients work as well? Love this. Doing it hopefully rose gold for my wedding. I am new to your channel first video I’ve seen and I subscribed instantly then started watching others. You are so energetic and fun and easy to understand! You sound like spencer from pretty little liars too! So thank you for this video I hope I don’t mess up 🙂 hi from Cali.

  4. frankly saying… your a shoes mistress,,, many men would dream to submit underneath those shoes and be your shoes servant for life….i defiantly be the first of them,,,,, and no offend plz

  5. @The DIY Designer – question… I have the most amazing gloss pump that is sooooo comfortable that I would love to use. would this work with a gloss almost patent leather shoe? If so would i use the same materials?

  6. hola please ned in spañol …. necesito que traduzcan esta hermosa pagina y sus eficientes con

  7. Ok. Thanks . I didn't notice what the shoes were made of , I got a 40% discount at aerosoles–so… ok another pair I'll send pics of. Thank you. They'll be here tonight.

  8. Hey Orly, Tinesha here, I just got one of my shoes (mad discount) and they happen to be patent leather and I don't want to send them back. Is it ok to put Mod Podge on patent leather? And if so, what kind?

  9. Hey Orly, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your show, and yes I have a subscription. I went to your website and left a message about the Jimmy Choo Cinderella Shoes—I would love to se your take on them and how you would make them. I have found all the materials on Amazon but I don’t want to mess anything up bc the Swarovski Crystals are expensive. Thanks.

  10. Gracias gracias gracias, I did it in some ballet shoes and look AMAZING , now I will do it in lamp shades, you are the best

  11. Orly, you're really wonderful! The diys you do are so so great! But this diy just got so much greater because Kate Middleton just wore those Jimmy Choos and I'm obsessed even more than before! So thank you! <3

  12. The magazine idea is brilliant. At first I thought you were just separating the colors to pour back into the container which I didn’t think would work because the shoe would litter the wrong color in. But yes it’s awesome

  13. Хорошо бы ещё был перевод на русский с подробной инструкцией! !!Классные туфли получились! !!

  14. 🌸 you need millions of subscribers, this is the very best all rounded channel ever !
    I’m always entertained and get inspired to do something at home 💕💗💖✨

    I saved an old pair of comfortable shoes I thought I had to throw out and they look fabulous
    Plus I feel less guilty about the environment as I up-cycled my precious fav‘s
    And I must say it looks professionally done or like I just bought it, this is me ‘miss clumsy’ lol 😂
    I can’t believe I did it all by myself

    Ahhh I did it garage so my other half isn’t happy about the excess glitter……..hummmm so I would suggest doing magazine method to recapture some of your lost glitter and vacuum rest 🤗

  15. Oh my they are gorgeous.Im afraid of glitter but now I know how to use .FABLOUS thank you so much.the 👠⭐🎀🙋‍♀️

  16. I am trying this with some ballet flats that need a bit of a pick me up. I am finding that I really should wait until the two main colours that I am using dry completely before I attempt the ombre bit. Thanks for the inspiration Orly! I am really loving your videos! 🙂

  17. Hi Orly…. I saw you on Hallmark doing your DIY with the ombre glitter purse and when you mentioned you did a pair of shoes I looked it up real quick. I've been trying to figure out what to do about my wedding shoes. I wanted a certain style but wasn't finding the pop needed to be a wedding shoe. I will be doing this to a pair of shoes! Thank you so much!
    I wanted to ask if you would help me figure out how to do a DIY bling Sash/belt to add to my dress? They are so pricy and I'm trying to stay in budget but this would really make my dress pop 🙂

  18. My daughter wants to wear her chuck taylors to prom. I think this may do the trick does this work on canvas shoes?

  19. Hi. Loved your video. Just wanna ask if there’s any suggestions if I use a patent pump. I have these great patent shoes and was destroyed by ants, so I’m kinda thinking of doing this to it. Hope you reply 🥰😍

  20. I came across one of your videos today and I can't stop watching the rest. This is really cool. Good job 🙂

  21. hello Orly please i need to know how much glitter should i buy? Greetings from Argentina 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕😊💕💕💕💕


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