Disney Princess: My Fairytale Adventure FULL GAME Longplay (Wii, PC)


Disney Princess: My Fairytale Adventure FULL GAME Longplay (Wii, PC) Walkthrough No Commentary

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  1. I missed this game so much! I was so addicted that I almost finished the game. But my cousin stole the card so.. ya

  2. I remember wanting this game so much an I’d remember when I was like, 4 and someone commented “this game is for children”. I (angrily) responded something like “NO ITS NOT!! (angry emojis)” I got in trouble haha.

    But that was when I was 4

  3. I 100 percented Disney Enchanted Journey a few months ago. Now, I'm almost done 100 percenting this one. I hope for another Disney Princess game in the future for the PS4 and PS5 or maybe a updated remastered port of these games to the PS4 and PS5.
    While this one was better in certain areas (I did like the villain and the cute Princess story in Enchanted Journey), I wish the narrator would SHUT UP in this one.
    I keep having to lower the volume to zero to drown out the repeditive tutorial voice, one tutorial is enough for attacking imps, going after something or playing a minigame. We don't need to be reminded of the things we already did a few minutes or a hour ago and we don't need the 'Crazy Taxi' arrow or sparkling light to show us where to go. Let us get lost in finding our way.
    Kids aren't stupid, they can understand a tutorial that is being explained once, twice or maybe three times and will remember what to do later on. If they get lost, they either will learn that way or they can ask a adult for help in the game.
    I'm a adult and I was constantly yelling at the narrator to shut up and let me do things my own way or lowering the volume to zero while making Kingdom Hearts jokes to drown her out lol.

  4. Okay okay but let's all agree that without all the other sounds, Rapunzel's laugh is a little concerning. It's like when an anime character is going crazy and starts giggling


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