Cradle Gameplay Walkthrough Part 6 – THE ENDING (IS CONFUSING)


Time to finish Cradle! Long ass episode with the credits and the song and then a bit more investigating into the story that ends up as confusing as a group of 7 bananas trying to explain nuclear science to a zebra.

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Cradle is a sci-fi first-person-view quest designed for the player to explore the surrounding world. The story is built around the relations of the protagonist and a mechanical girl who by quirk of fate found themselves amidst the desert. The player’s task is to repair the mechanical body of his companion and solve the mystery of the neglected entertainment park located not far from the yurt together.

Petard is a Slavic/Balkan gaming personality. He is the glorious lord and leader of the fictional world of Petardia inhabited by his beautiful bastards.


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  1. If a radio signal sent into the epicenter can travel through time then they could send the the number 3513 back in time and stop all the bad things, I thing that 3513 might be the robotic girls number, and that she is some how a solution to the problem.

  2. Think he used Ida telepathically and she sent the text of the numbers in the final video. So changed the past. But who knows for sure.

  3. wait travel through time thats nearly impossible you'd nearly have to go the speed of light but it is possible proved by Einstein by placing a clock in a plane and one on the ground the one in the plane was behind the actual time

  4. Finished the game, with help from this walktrough. Didn't want to waste time searching for anymore red pot's :]   Not a bad game, but… could have been much better. I thought money from flower photos, some upgrades, a new body for the skank, taking the train to a city, and so on. glad i didn't buy it :]]

  5. This is just a guess but google tells me pill imprint 3513 is dexedrine. Since dexedrine is a stimulant, it produces more chemicals in the brain. The chemical include "passium" which cures the virus.

  6. K, this game is just fucked up and awesome I stayed almost 30 mins in the comments and thought about the end its soo fcking deep.

  7. that was great enging, if you reading a notes and know clear things. 
     Ending was that because that was an epicenter of blow, and mind of main character is a clear dna, with 3 of Mark, emm can't remember names (two kids, one that blow, and one who live in the hut), this blow uses a Vavilon effect, that published in notes, and messages entire all game. 

    So the reason was, to send a message to their own in the past, when they meet in cafe, so they look at each other, and reenter that moment in the pass (when Mark meet Ida), send the 'constant' to doctor Koch, and prevent epidemy.

  8. Ahh ok I kind of get it. When your are talking with Ida before she splits herself in two she mentions that things would be fixed if you went back in time and sent Professor Koch a four digit code to fix everything. Then, when you went back and read the paper on the bulletin board, it mentioned time travel was possible in the containment zone, which is where I assume you and Ida where at the outro when the light flashed where you were, signaling that you may have gone back in time, met Ida, and  sent Professor Koch a 4 digit code which somehow saved everyone. Well, this game had a pretty good buildup in my opinion even though there was some shit that felt way out of place like the stupid block puzzles (which I also understand to an extent how it fits to the plot). Shame that this was such a bad ending to an interesting game, felt a bit rushed in my opinion.

  9. When I saw part 1 of this walkthrough I immediately downloaded the game. Played the whole game in like 4 or 5 straight hours. I was just as confused as you in the ending it was very underwhelming, the story was nice it was just the way they did it. Anyways love your channel man, keep doing this stuff!

  10. i don't get it whats with the " look into my eyes" in the end? and what was the deal with the cell phone text with the codes and all =S and what was so important in the newspaper? 

    It would have been better if ida could have been repaired and he could just have lived with her selling digital flowers or something would have been a much easier ending. kinda feels a bit sad feels like ida died there even though he changed the past and all and ida lived or something( but i don't like the one i've bonded with dying lol even if shes saved in the past it doesn't feel like the same person is being saved)

  11. Damn, this is an odd ending. I understood it a little but I agree with you that they should explain it (WAY) more, it's just so vague.
    But still it was a nice series Petard, looking forward to the next one (this time with your face goddammit).

  12. First time watching you, very nice let's play 🙂

    I agree with Guuttooxy about the back to the past to saving the world but what the number mean and what did the scientist do to cause this ? Oo
    By the way do you think they were inspired by Stein;Gate ?

  13. i think we gone back in time when we were in the park with ida and i think enebish is mark that seen ida at cafe at the end we see sending numbers to the doctor so ı assume we accidentally travelled back in time send the message to doctor so the things are okay now in my opinion or something like that i dont know

  14. Well if the centre of the contamination sphere can send things through time maybe you have to find it and send the code through it to the past to save everyone??

  15. My lord… you need not envy the ability to see space and a large moon from this measly planet out of billions more. You created the universe and can see everything out of your sexy space palace can't you?

  16. when you enter the park there is a sphere of blue light on the right.
    There you will find a light sword on the floor
    what does she do ???
    Note: I am Brazilian using the google translator. OK
    sorry for bad English


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