Cradle Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 10 – The End [60FPS]


Cradle Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 10 – THE END PC 60FPS

Cradle is a sci-fi first-person-view quest designed for the player to explore the surrounding world. The story is built around the relations of the protagonist and a mechanical girl who by quirk of fate found themselves amidst the desert. The player’s task is to repair the mechanical body of his companion and solve the mystery of the neglected entertainment park located not far from the yurt together.
Key Features

Open World. Explore the mysterious and stylish world of the robotized Mongolia. Search the yurt, take a stroll down the river or head towards the entertainment park – this game has no fences you cannot overcome.

Interactive Environment. Interact with objects – all of them bear a part of the story and most can be used in the gameplay.

Living Characters. Communicate with NPCs. Owing to non-standard emotion display technology where actor eyes video is used, the NPCs in Cradle look as ‘live’ ones.

Deep Story. Immerse into learning the thoroughly thought-out story. Every of its detail adds to the storyline, while a short newspaper slip accidentally found in the steppe could completely change the sense of the storyline.

Varied Gameplay. Mix thoughtful exploration quests with bright and dynamic mini-games.

Excquisite Soundtrack. Engulf the atmoshpere of mystery with the enchanting soundtrack of the game. Cradle contains 90 minutes of music including the meditative ambient, synthetic tracks and vocal compositions.

Thirty years ago in the mid-2040s the sweeping development of neuroscience stirred up the common anticipation of victory over aging and death. In 2047 the scientists of the Neurocopying Institute in Cologne run the first experiments on transferring human consciousness onto an artificial carrier. In the course of experiments a weird previously unregistered phenomenon was discovered – the copies of neurotic system of the test subjects awoken in the computational device began to self-destroy by immersing in a state of deep irrational fear.

The discovery of the mysterious phenomenon induced a string of events to have completely changed the society. Dozens of years later the question of the ‘Panic Attack’ nature still remains open. We do not know how far the researchers’ thought has led them in search of the answer, but we believe it hardly ever visited this Mongolian steppe.

Year 2076, Mongolia. You wake up in a yurt amidst the boundless steppes. You neither remember your name, nor are aware of how long you had slept. Who are you? Who is this mechanical girl sitting on the table and what is the number she has on her chest? Nearby there towers the dome of a neglected entertainment park. How did it appear in these desert lands? What has happened here? Look around and try to sort things out. You are to begin on a peculiar and a touching story.

Platform: PC | Steam
Title: Cradle
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Flying Cafe for Semianimals
Publisher: Flying Cafe for Semianimals
Release Date: 24 Jul, 2015


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  1. Now I just need to find a video that explains what the hell I just watched. (Incidentally, I do think there is an actual story that the developers had in mind. I just don't think they conveyed it very clearly.)

  2. Wow that was disappointing, %40 of the gameplay is walking between yurt and amusement park, the other %40 is playing same minigame again and again, rest is regular point and click stuff and some talks that reachs a horribly writen ending. You know what's really funny about all of this, developers already knew that their game sucks in all aspects and thats the reason why Ida is naked and we can see her boobs all the time. such a shame.

  3. So Enebish go to past and through the eyes of Mark send the number to Koch? Or….? fuck, someone explain me xD

  4. well~ at least she is hot and the music is quite nice by the way…
    at least is not the raining ruined the ending… and you should know you can wait for 1 more years to use fusion core to power Ida right? I mean 2076 is the years before the Great War "2077" right?

    … just kidding tho~

  5. It's pretty simple to figure out – more after you see that little scene, where someone (evidently your protagonist, judging by the male hand holding the phone), texts the FOUR DIGITS mentioned by Ida to her professor, while she's sitting in that cafe with her colleagues. So evidently, in that thunderstorm while you were getting yer arses shocked to hell, somehow you magically managed to travel to the past (after that lightning strikes and that huge glow appears at the beginning of the cutscene), text those shenanigans to that dude, and she doesn't have her body transferred. Still no idea what the numbers mean, tho. Good game. Also – gosh, cheap batteries! Two weeks – I wouldn't wanna be a mech in the future. Gotta keep a battery stash the size of a mall. Jeez, game developers – damn air shuttle to the hospital lasted 20 years with no maintenance, but yer average battery to sustain m-bodies lasts two weeks. Make some fusion cores damn it!

  6. What a fucking pointless game is that. Yea it shows a possibility about the future but seriously? I really thought we're gonna find out the problem about that virus. Or at least some more intelligent games not like "throw & catch" kind of puzzles. Nope.. whatever company tried to make a game, you failed. Don't do it again. It was painful to get over with. Damn the curiosity is still there but the game is over.

  7. i would of liked more to enebesh's story and why he was like that there was only hints and more mystery and the story line wasn't even ended it was just left open

  8. Awesome universe and experience, only that the end is catastrophic and deceiving. Also the cube games are totally annoying. Too bad, without this, this could have well been on of my best adventure game ever, almost getting close to Riven.

  9. That was one of the most disappointing and meaningless endings in the history of adventure games. Evidently the team had failed to come up with an idea how to meaningfully end all those started threads, so they just put some lofty Frankeinsteinish scene at the end and then simply cut through to an even more confusing videoclip. Seriously? I am so disappointed. I would expect a reward after all this time invested in the game. Games are supposed to be entertaining, this one left me annoyed.

  10. Simply one of the best games I've played so thus far. If i hadn't seen your walkthrough uploaded today, I was planning on uploading one myself. The game left me a little emotional at the end. I hope there's a follow up sequel to it where Ida can get legs and romance blooms (fan service) between her and the protagonist. 
    My favorite games rearranged now are 
    1. Nier
    2. The Knights Contract
    3. Anna
    4. Asura's Wrath
    5. Cradle
    (((= tr1ppa, great work for the walkthrough! Keep it up!
    ~ Hamza Haque

  11. Good litle game, The ending would have been more better with some sort of gameplay mechanic involved and not just a cutscene. Cant wait for the nerds with no time to come up theories about that ending.

  12. Hrm. Pretty lost. Not sure what to think about "Who am I?" and our protagonist's body – not human? He took on the face and likeness of the biological child who his adopted-parents had?

    I'm lost. And then waking Ida up. Huh? What is the relationship between her and that man and Enebish?


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