Colts vs. Panthers | Week 8 Highlights | NFL


Check out Week 8’s Monday Night Football matchup between the Indianapolis Colts and the Carolina Panthers.

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  1. So you count the Catch by the Colts in 4:05 but you don't count the catch by Calvin Johnson or Dez Bryant!?!?!?REFS ARE BLIND AND HELP SPECIFIC TEAMS!
    But whatever😒

  2. just goes to show that even with a beaten up team us Colts can give even the greatest of teams a hard time definetly a fun one to watch even though we lost Cant wait for Luck vs Newton again

  3. what's the point of continuing the regular season if you've already made the playoffs cam newton could've just sat out the rest of the season to heal until the playoffs

  4. I hope the colts stop playing like retards at the beginning of the game this year 😂😂😂

  5. so im confussed
    people say fgs dont count
    but when a fg was made
    by other teams during ot
    they end the game
    so colts needed that win

  6. i did not like this game
    the colts did a field goal 26 23 then panthers had ball
    got talked a couple times
    did not end the game
    the panthers did fgs and they called it
    they wanted the panthers to win
    but they could not to anything when falcons won cause it was not overtime
    but when the other teams went over time
    and a fg is made
    it ends automaticly

  7. Forgot about the HORRIBLE call (catch) in the 4th quarter on 4th down that should have ended the game. Completely hit the ground and should have been incomplete.

  8. when you think about it, Colts could've won it all, we put up a fight against the super bowl losers, and beat the winners, so if luck didn't get hurt, we coulda won it all


  9. I think that this season Luck was feeling his AFC title loss. You could see his confidence was shot until he started to turn the wheels, I think he will be his old self now that he will comeback healthy and hopefully a better offensive line and defense overall to help him out.


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