Cody Simpson Funny 20 Questions Game!

Cody Simpson gets put ion the hot seat, where he chats about embarrassing date moments and many random, yet hilarious things! Cody’s EP ‘Preview to Paradise’ comes out this week and we couldn’t be more amped! Watch the video and tell us what it is about Cody that you love the most!

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Cody Simpson Funny 20 Questions Game! | Hollywire



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  1. hah that just made my day xD

  2. 'Exactly'!! I love him so much !!

  3. terrible camera work, keeps moving back and forth sooo much

  4. Haha! Really, he's ugly? Well that's your opinion but… for you to say that, you are VERY ugly on the inside.

  5. I love you cody!!!

  6. I'm right with you girl!!!!!!!

  7. Love how he says "October" 😀

  8. Ow Being Burend haha i'm gonna like you're comment

  9. Cody and Alli prove that Australia does have talent

  10. i can't do it either xd

  11. if he is ugly,then I'd like me some ugly.

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  13. He only picked The Wanted bc they`re under the same record label. I think he`d pick One Direction …. I love Cody and 1D <3

  14. Go take your low self esteem out on somebody else …. Cody is flawless and a gentlemen , you`re irrelevant.

  15. prettier than u bitch

  16. you must have one ugly face bitch.

  17. His voice!❤

  18. I love his voice <3

  19. Bitch please! *ugly

  20. 20 Questions on 2.17😜

  21. 1d

  22. The wanted

  23. I like how he says "no" in 0:36……his accent is so adorable

  24. yay he chose the wanted!!!

  25. love you cody

  26. OMG she is ugly

  27. yes he does look like Toby!!!

  28. He looks like Toby in the Pretty little liars..

  29. I love you Cody!!!!

  30. He is so beautifull

  31. I know I feel the same since in all his music videos they're all brunettes :S

  32. Omg I love this. /:D

  33. i feel like Cody prefers brunettes.. 🙁

  34. i know, boys are so disrespectfull now..

  35. his sister is a big fan of one direction – me too <3 lol

  36. cody is soo hot *.*

  37. hehe accent 😀

  38. ulgy!!!!
    he is so ulgy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. him accent *__*

  40. I love Cody Simpson. He is cute funny a great singer swimmer dancer and has a very cute accent

  41. i love u CODY so much!!

  42. his accent, aww:')

  43. Yes, really The Wanted. He likes One Direction aswell but he can like TW too you know..

  44. oooooo Burn!!

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