CGRundertow MX VS. ATV ALIVE for PS3 / PlayStation 3 Video Game Review


Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of MX vs. ATV Alive from THQ for the PlayStation 3. MX vs. ATV Alive is also available for the Xbox 360. MX vs. ATV Alive is a motocross game and a sequel to the 2009 game MX vs. ATV Reflex. It’s like Aliens vs. Predator, only with racing vehicles instead of extraterrestrial killers. Alright, that’s probably a stretch. But what MX vs. ATV Alive does have in common with Aliens vs. Predator is that it’s also a mixture of things. It mixes the racer and the RPG to form a unique hybrid all its own. It’s also like Aliens vs. Predator in that it’s not very good. At the onset, you only have access to two race tracks. That’s it. Two. You can’t unlock the others until your driver has leveled up. This is reflective of most of the problems in MX vs. ATV Alive. The structure is just awful, and the gameplay isn’t good enough to make up for it. This video review features video gameplay footage of MX vs. ATV Alive for the PlayStation 3 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s Derek.

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  1. Sounds like THQ really pulled some bullshit with this one. Either spend an eternity unlocking tracks or pay them to instantly unlock content you already own. Remember back in the day when we had cheat codes to do this kind of stuff? Definitely passing on this one.

  2. You don't like the game cause you suck at it I mean just look at your turns they suck you don't know how to preload why don't you learn how to play the game before you do a review bud

  3. I haven't played an mx vs Atv game since unleashed on the ps2, so I picked this one up expecting something along the lines of that, and boy was I wrong. Shit menu's, annoying physics, fuck all tutorial besides on screen pop ups here and there, no other vehicles besides atv's and motorcross bikes, fuck all tracks.. The list goes on. How the hell does a game on the ps2 manage to have better physics and more content that something like this.
    I'm considering just picking up reflex and seeing if I dig that one.
    Although I will mention that Alive's soundtrack is kick ass. So at least there's that.

  4. This game sounds and looks good but the physics of this game are ridiculous. If this game would have physics of mx simulator, this would be the best game ever!!! But still, this game is pretty good but mx simulator us better.

  5. whether you like guy reviewing games or not at least most of the time is on the button with shit games like this and others

  6. haha your shit at the game, your not doing whips or scrubs… why do you think it took you so long to get to level ten………. freakin noob

  7. The Mx vs ATV serie is still the best on this day, too bad THQ burry the licence.
    I'm ok with the reviewer, you can play half of the game and have to pay for the rest, bad way to sell a game. I prefer the previous one (Reflex), which has tons of tracks and many different championships. But REFLEX and ALIVE has the "reflex" driving mode, which is the best ever seen on a motocross game.

  8. the game is not actually that bad, its not hard to get past lvl 10, its just the fact you really are rubbish at this game!

  9. Aha, it makes me laugh, he has both the assists on and plays on default settings (like when you load up a race and you have to choose amount of laps etc) which shows that he has no idea how to play the game. And you can see that from his gameplay, once you learn the game its amazing fun. Everything he said at the end is false, it looks good, plays good and is good. The one thing I have to agree on throughout this entire video, is that it is boring at the start with only two tracks available.

  10. THIS GAME IS JUST A DEMO, It has no monster trucks, dune buggies,to trophy trucks no golf karts, barely any bikes,atv's and tracks

  11. wish i would have watched this before i spent 20 bucks on this piece of horseshit. if you want a mx game BUY REFLEX!

  12. wat a fucking lie.u dont just race the same tracks u race mini track and freeride to un lock levels u fuck head

  13. MX vs. ATV Reflex and this one MX vs. ATV Alive are the worst of the series, I'd rather stick with Pure with awesome gameplay and rich content.

  14. derek, I'd give you a thumbs up for all you said about this game, but I gotta give you a thumbs down just because you reviewed it. Even though I should give you a thumbs up for having to endure it… but then again, I've already given you the thumbs down so it won't work…

    my logic works, it fucking works


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