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A playthrough of Mindscape’s 1991 license-based action game for the NES, Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

Captain Planet is one of those amusing relics of the era of eco-friendly early 90s that would harp on children about the dangers of deforestization, of oil spills, and of not recycling. His show was pretty okay though, though I never could figure out why he looked like a blue-skinned roadie for Jem & the Holograms. My sister and I used to watch it often, singing along, “Captain Planet, he’s a zero.”

I can’t say that I was ever a fan of this one. The graphics have their nice moments (those spinning satellite dishes in stage 5 look really good, and the cutscenes are well done), but most of the time their repetitive and lack any real detail. The sound isn’t very good, though, with annoying music loops and sound effects – and why did they leave out the theme song? The controls are slippery and the collision detection feels really off – sometimes you can clip through bits of the wall, and other times getting anywhere near it will kill you. The level design just exacerbates these issues further.

If you’d like to see my full write-up on the game, please be sure to check out

It is better than the Sega Genesis game, at least.

Just remember: the power is yours. To find a better game.
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. Look at him flying around. He's so fabulous. I hate him!

  2. Couldn’t get past the first board at 4 year’s old

  3. me and my dad playing this back in 1995…. he liked it a lot and used to play it while I was at school !!

  4. The music is so boring…

  5. basically the same James Bond Jr. assets

  6. I actually liked this game as a kid 🤷🏿‍♂️

  7. At first i saw Manta ray

  8. 20:38 is what we all came here to see 😉

  9. Terrible game. Much too hard for the target audience (8-10 year olds). Very loosely based on the cartoon too. (And this music sucks ass)

  10. There was a Sega Genesis Captain Planet game?! I must've missed that one–it may have been just as well.

  11. I like it, i would like to play

  12. I actually liked this game. I mean it wasn't a masterpiece, that's for sure. Not one of the best NES games, but not one of the worst either. Anyone claiming this is the worst NES game needs to play Dr. Jekll And Mr. Hyde, or Gilligan's Island.

  13. Congratulations, you stopped Hoggish Greely from drilling for oil!
    (thousands of lives and billions of dollars are lost on Operation Desert Storm and the Gulf War, hundreds of other secret wars are waged and countries are "liberated" for oil)


  15. Captain planet was arguably very weak for a superhero.

  16. This could have been a much, much better game. Instead of always having the Planeteers flying around, each Planeteer should have gotten their own level (inspired by their country), would have to use their rings' power.

  17. I finished this game long long long long time ago.

  18. Oh sure, nothing says "protect the environment" like blowing crap up.

  19. envelope…. 1991…
    nuff said

  20. Excuse me; I heard you are good at what you do. I like to ask you, have you heard of an NES game called XEXYZ? I was told it's an intense choice of game to complete…just asking. I tried the game myself 20 years ago but my Nintendo system broke down on me since. If yes, can I ask you to make your own completion of this one game?

  21. Hey, Alex. I like Captain Planet.

  22. By your powers combine I am Captain Planet and i tell you kids do not play this game….. its not bad but its not good either. Its lame just like me and can be easily defeated by pollution and trash.

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