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Candle is a beautiful 2D point-and-click adventure game. It has very original hand-painted graphic and professional audio. The story is full of human errors and their corrections. It’s about how too much ambitions and greed have caused destruction of a sophisticated civilization. In order to save the world from the fifth destruction Teku has to save his tribe’s shaman, solve challenging puzzles, defeat Wakchas and reveal the truth. Let’s go and enjoy this three-part full walkthrough.



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  1. 09:32 why you did not get that stuff on the signboard and go ahead right? :d

  2. who tf called it a point and click game ?? lol

  3. you can also jump while below the plank so it breaks down. makes the timing not a problem anymore

  4. This game is crazy obtuse.

  5. how you download it?

  6. Thank you this was a huge help. Even though this game is hard to figure out, I still love these type of games.

  7. El juego es bonito pero los puzzles no son nada intuitivos ni lógicos. Es casi imposible pasarse este juego sin mirar un walkthrough en YouTube.

  8. the arts are beautiful

  9. 10:30 shows why I hate this game. Who figured out that maneuver without dying 20 times?

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