Brazil's Video Game Gray Markets

Brazil’s complicated history with electronics has created an alternate universe of video games.

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  1. So they have GTA 6 for PSone but they don't have a PSone 2 hmmm 🤔

  2. Your take on buzz video brought me here. Stayed for the content. Wish you nothing but great things in life

  3. I'm 50% Brazillian but I never lived there, this sh*t is hella interesting

  4. It's funny that that first brazilian guy has a Indian accent, like not Indian pronunciation, but the rhythm that he talk is like an Indian person

  5. The games that Gus mentioned on the Mega Drive 4 are direct ports of EA's mobile games, not demakes for the Mega Drive/Genesis. I assume that the Mega Drive 4 is an ARM-based system-on-a-chip console. Basically, the Mega Drive games are done by an emulator (a proprietary Mega Drive emulator by TecToy, which it has sound/graphics anomalies), while the TMSS boot message, system loading screens, games list, ports of EA's (Java) mobile games, and the Guitar Idol game are directly executed by the ARM processor.

    The version of Need For Speed ProStreet that he mentioned is based on the Java 3D version. The Genesis is impossible to do this, but if it's a 32X games, it would work, but sacrifices have to made (less texture mapping and polygons).

  6. i wish for an episode about mexico

  7. I don't know why, but I come back to watch this video at least once a month. I can't get enough of it.

  8. 9:54 cultura mexicana en Brazil

  9. Amazing

  10. btw, FINALLY a documentary about Brazil that shows more than just Carnaval and favela! 
    Brazil is a huge country with so many interesting topics to dive into…

  11. bravo Games

  12. 3:45 meu primeiro vídeo game!

  13. The man who had appeared in 4:48 has a good English.

  14. A lot of Brazilian people learnt English from playing pirated video games and using a Portuguese-English dictionary to understand it.

  15. Why are they still selling 80's video games console ? Here that kind of vintage stuff is collectors edition .

  16. Quem licenciou o Atari aqui no Brasil foi a Polyvox, braço da Gradiente. Não foi a Milmar. O Dactar era um clone como muitos outros.

  17. Ford video game console

  18. the meme guy that made the face

  19. Nao sei como pagava 15 conto na feira do padre Vítor em três pontas -Mg nos anos 97 98,

  20. Im trying to find out the name of a cd based 32bit games console made in brazil.
    Anyone know?

  21. I likes the inclusion of AllStar lol

  22. the part that says piracy move the market in Brazil is really true…ps1 was hacked to work pirated games so it was more famous the any other console…ps2 the same…then xbox 360 was the one…and now the ps4 is the one…a good strategy for this companies would be like sony did i think…You can hack the system, but you will take some months (where the big part of game sales are) to do it…So everyone that have a hacked system wont be alble to play the newer games, having to wait soe months…

  23. Awesome video bro! I am trying to learn how to make cool videos like this. Woudl luv any suggestions you have 👍👍👍

  24. Metal Gear?!?

  25. Great video! I really wanted to see that Need for Speed on the Megadrive though! Very interesting!!

  26. Why so little game footage?

    I like how everyone is wearing Giant Bomb shirts.

  27. i remember an old turma da monica comic that had an ad for a nes region lock adapter on the last page.

  28. é nois aki

  29. Did'ja hear?
    We bootleg'd PlayStation1, and we called that…

    P o L y S t A t I o N .

  30. The Dactar was never licenced by the real american Atari. The real Atari licenced here was called only Atari, produced by Gradiente, using the mark "Polyvox". All others is only clones. About the "clone of master system", well, its only a Master System 3, by tectoy, a SEGA partner in Brasil, who licenced the Master System and the SEGA Genesis latter, what we called here "SEGA mega drive". I'm sorry about my poor english, but really think that this informations need to be corrected.

  31. Sonic 4 the Negenog

  32. This was awesome!

  33. we are brizilians hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue

  34. Shotouts to GeePM for showing me this awesome video! I'm from Brazil as well 😀

    10:46 BEST GAME LOL

  35. Thanks for the video, love it…

  36. Guz Lanzetta is a nice bear..

  37. BTW i still think older consoles are meant to be played on a regular TV, not a HD. Straight out the box on an HDTV often you end up getting some input delay, and you won't be able to beat mike tyson in punch out.

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