Branzil – Video Game (Official Music Video)

Hanging out with friends, Branzil takes them through a lyrical video world of a Zombie Rap Apocalypse as he saves the Hip-Hop World to the South Park style of hatters showing up to the neighborhood to battle as he flips his Transformer style ride.Video Game is a fun freestyle.He is connected and respected.

The godson of the legendary hip hop rapper Flavor Flav won’t have to wait for long to inherit his own rap kingdom. Branzil has been hailed by Hip Hop’s elite and music industry insiders as the heir apparent to the throne.

You know him. You’ve seen him.

As a young boy, he’s been featured in music videos alongside well known rappers such as UGK, T.I., Juvenile, Slim Thug, and most notable for his part in the Mike Jones hit video “Back Then.” Yes, that’s him!

Now it’s time you heard him.

Branzil is bringing the musical maturity of a veteran rapper while skillfully maneuvering through the matrix of his own lyrics. He has already amazed fans with his Shakespearean ode to hip hop with lyrics that prove to be clever volumes of hardbacks filled with the prose of a writer on a mission to eradicate redundancy. This kid’s got skills.

Although Branzil is a native Houstonian, and Southern pride runs through his veins, all it takes is one listen and it becomes clear that he belongs to the universe. His metaphoric flow rushes past county lines and snakes towards unmarked territory. He’s in his own world and is looking to bring anarchy to the dictatorship of hip hop as he drops his first album. Don’t call him up and coming, he’s coming up.

But, hey, don’t take my word for it. Listen…and prepare to feel your own amazement.


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  2. love this beat, the lyrics is also dope af

  3. Basic asf

  4. Dope ass song g 🔥

  5. Wow!!

  6. dope dope dope

  7. This is amazing why aren't you famous

  8. I need the instrumental of this song

  9. someone give him a record deal

  10. spit those bars bro! BADASS! nobody can compare! 💣boom💥

  11. Damon, on Kauai just heard… new theme song

  12. muito doida

  13. Wish they had lyrics..Good song though

  14. What song is this beat from ?

  15. Dope song! Love it


  17. why the fuck do people add people "using" game controllers and phones when the damn thing isnt actually being used right or for phones, isnt even on.. irks me every time.

  18. bro this song is FIRE! I love it!
    keep it up man!

  19. this song is Dope.

  20. This Video Is Tuff And I Fuck With Those Bars

  21. Reminds me of 99 red balloons by nena

  22. Beat is cool, everything else stinks.. nothin's connected, bad dancing.. 3/4 of the lyrics aren't connected to the game.. game looks shitty as well and it looks too home made for "official music video"

  23. Download link? URGENTTTT!!!!! 

  24. sweet tune!!!!!

  25. beat is stolen from an arabic song

  26. Keep crankin them bangerz!

  27. dope

  28. 2Pac – Dopefiends Diner

  29. Niceeeee i love it

  30. Awesome song!

  31. Good work nephew!! Real emceeing at it's best.

  32. Thanks!

  33. Keep puttin in work!!! #CreativeThinking

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