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We booked our travel accommodations and excursions with our good friend Becky Veith. You can do a quick google search or find her website here:


We traveled with United Airlines in this order:

Orlando, FL → San Fransisco, CA → Tahiti, PPT

In Tahiti, we stayed at the Intercontinental Tahiti Resort & Spa for 1 night in their “Junior Suite Overwater Superior Lagoon Bungalow.” We got to Tahiti at 7 pm, so we couldn’t see the hotel very well at night but our room was very nice. It’s the perfect size for a couple!

The next day we traveled with a Tahiti Airline in this order:

Tahiti → Moorea → Bora Bora (our final destination)

At 2:00 in my video, I say we travel from Tahiti to somewhere else and that somewhere else is Moorea. Apparently, this is another vacation destination a lot of people visit.

Our travel time from Orlando to Bora Bora was a bit over 20 hrs. This includes layovers and travel time on the plane.

In Bora Bora, we stayed at the Intercontinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa. The room we stayed in is called the
“Diamond Otemanu Overwater Villa.” Personally, I thought our room has the best view because it faced the mountain. Some rooms face just water and others face the resort (which are still beautiful, but just thought you should know for visual purposes.)

The water is amazing! This video does the water no justice sometimes. It’s crystal clear! It’s also the perfect temperature AND its shallow enough to stand in. I am 5’ 2’’ and I stood on the water no problem. I would suggest getting reef shoes beforehand (the gift shop is crazy expensive) if you feel weird about whatever you may encounter in the ocean. You probably won’t see a shark but the stingrays are REAL Y’ALL!

On my birthday, we went to the SPA which was fantastic and a definite MUST if you’re looking for a relaxing massage and experience especially if you’ve traveled far. We did the “Marine Romance” package. The spa is expensive BUT it was a very lengthy massage and afterwards comes with amenities that are only available to those who buy a package.

For our jet ski excursion, we went around the entire island in 2 hours and we made a stop on a tiny island where we cut our own coconuts (as seen in the video) We also drank the coconut water which was delicious.

Remember when traveling across the world like this, you have to consider the time changes. Since we are from the East Coast we gained an extra 6 hours! Luckily for us, that meant that we woke up 6 hours earlier than we usually would here in the states so we got to see every sunrise and go to breakfast before everyone else lol

Hair done by my mami @yayistx1 on IG
Eyebrow threading & tint by @browsbynoorie on IG
Lash extensions by @eyestheticlashesandbeauty on IG

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