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BEST Samsung Galaxy S7 APPS!

I missed my last episode of What’s on my iPhone, but for good reason! These are some of the apps that I’m using on my brand new Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge. Enjoy!

Lost Journey
Weather Timeline
Fading Light
Click UI

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  1. really? marketing? cool app??

  2. I like the Google now launcher app it slides for mews and weather and has a pretty clean look

  3. if you do apps do apps , if you do games do games !

  4. hmm I like the weather app

  5. You said, "This is the best weather app.", but you didn't mention the name of the app. You mentioned that it's only a buck 3 times, but that doesn't help when you don't mention the name of the app.

  6. Thanks for the video! Installed 4 of them right away on my phone.

  7. WOW there your best. Well i guess for each his own but they didnt really do it for me.

  8. I love stack.! 12

  9. My high score in stack is 85, and some of my favorite apps on my Galaxy S7 that you didn't mention are… instagram and Snapchat, cuz the camera on my phone is absolutely amazing! I also like a fun game called Ball King, I love Rolling Sky, Clash Royale, Motor Hero, Twist, The Walls, Smash Hit, Color Switch, Slither.io, Hungry Shark World, Smashy Road, Missiles!, Whale Trail, Fish Out Of Water and etc, those are some of my favorite apps, but not all

  10. are you sure. il think thé galaxy s6 edge plus is the best for 2016 and you what you brefer

  11. I need that jacket.. Give me link

  12. a hurricane and typhoon are the same thing it's just a different name for a different place

  13. I dig the background beat on your videos. Never gets old lol find my head bobbing the whole time

  14. this guy's a dweeb

  15. "Very Addicting"… lvl 2.. LOOL jkjk.. AWESOME VIDEO!

  16. that 4 k video

  17. we can change color edge notification with this application

  18. Can u tell me whats your launcher ?
    Great video btw !

  19. My high score is 87

  20. can you put a link of the apps in the description??

  21. what keyboard do you use ?

  22. God Damn it Karl!!!!

  23. +1 on Stacks, great app!

  24. who cares about ios? don't like the icons at all. they all look the same.

  25. highscore in stack: 79

  26. I rock the 360 security like allways

  27. GS7 is a beast!!!

  28. Snapseed is free????????????

  29. I got 97 on the stack app

  30. I used one of those apps

  31. What type of hoodie/rain coat is that?

  32. lost journey is addictive

  33. ❤️💜

  34. My high score is 100 🙂 help me

  35. 71

  36. 54

  37. Can you post me one hahaha love them 😁❤️

  38. I want the s7! I have the s6 😝

  39. Is there anyone used the S6 Edge+ & upgrade to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow?

  40. the battery is a beast on my s7

  41. Been using snapseed for 2 years now I love that app.

  42. Am I the only one who loves his accent ^.^

  43. Nice video!😀

  44. This nigga karl

  45. Stacks High Score : 111

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