Bengals vs. Texans | NFL Week 16 Game Highlights

The Houston Texans defeated the Cincinnati Bengals, 12-10, in Week 16 of NFL action!

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  1. Who is here

  2. Here Dec 2019 I remember this Christmas Eve it was ok had some holiday magic

  3. “The Texans are going to the playoffs”
    Gives me chills
    Can’t wait for football

  4. we prob should of loss that game …but hey thats kickers sometimes

  5. The Randy Bullock Conspiracy Theory

  6. They need to stop putting Bengals-Texans on primetime already.

  7. Coming back and watching this game is very very painful now that we have had a taste of Deshaun Watson and the amazing plays he’s able to do

  8. Had To Come Back To This Game Because We Didn't Go To The Playoffs This Year

  9. Our Christmas gift is the playoffs

  10. That Bengal bastard costed my titans the playoffs lol

  11. man Savage sucked this game

  12. the best thing randy bullock ever did for the texans

  13. Savage is ass based on this game alone. trash footwork cant move under pressure.Watson will start in no time

  14. What did we learn from this week, the Titans gave us the division. Thanks Tennessee!

  15. I was at the game , and it was my birthday 🔥🔥 Thanks Randy

  16. Went to high school with Randy… Hate he went out like that lol but it is what it is

  17. the kicker… that's why we let his ass go!

  18. Sorry my fellow texans fans i hate being i really do but tom savage is not the answer at qb. This game proved it. Savage got mauled by the Bengals D-line especially in that 1st quarter

  19. give texans some credit they made the playoffs without their defensive star JJ Watt

  20. We made the playoffs without the best DE in the league and no QB can't wait to see what we do next year

  21. Randy Bullock said to his former team: Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!

  22. savage sucks

  23. tom Savage is smart with the ball

  24. everyone who's watching this now read the first sentence in the desc.

  25. Banged up mediocre O-line and no Lamar Miller – Savage did okay.

  26. did anyone see the qauterbacks face

  27. Randy bullock finally made a game winning kick for the Texans

  28. thank you Bullock

  29. whos seen the police officer celebrating x)

  30. Can I have subscribers plz

  31. if brock played . we wouldve lost

  32. Read the description lmao 😂😂 u have one job NFL..

  33. D

  34. In the description it says the Texans beat the Texans Jajajajaja 😂😂😂

  35. you can say randy bullock did something good for the texans

  36. how do they miss from 43

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