BattleTanx Global Assault – Nintendo 64 Review – HD

BattleTanx: Global Assault is an action game developed and published by The 3DO Company for the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation, in which players control futuristic tanks in a post-apocalyptic scenario. It is a sequel to the Nintendo 64 game BattleTanx, which utilized the same method of game play. Although it earned relatively positive reviews from critics, 3DO went bankrupt before another sequel could be released.

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Battletanx Global Assault review on the nintendo 64. Recorded using a dazzle and on an original real N64 console and game cartridge.


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  1. Used to play this game as a kid back in the 2000s along with Perfect Dark 64,Mario Kart 64 and Rush 2 I have this game on my phone and I still play it to this day.

  2. Best music of any 64 game of all time, Who ever made the music for this was absolutely killing it in the studio!

  3. Hopefully on Steam

  4. don't forget HPPY HPPY for invincibility.

    -Cold Warriors

  6. The multiplayer mode is 100x times better

  7. I actually love the soundtrack

  8. I only played the multiplayer

  9. Ayy nice video. Love this series so much

  10. I spent a massive amount of time playing this game. With modern engines this game could be crazy fun to play. I also loved the hidden cheat on MP that if you mashed the correct button combo You could lay massive minefields, tank sized Guided missiles and other supercharged weapons. I miss this game.

  11. I loved this game! Spent my childhood playing this. There was a launch glitch go outside the map on the parliament map Great times.

  12. Juego de mi infancia

  13. N u k e D e p l o y e d .

  14. Ahh brings back food childhood memories this was my all time favorite

  15. I did enjoy this one but I'm not very good at this series without using cheat codes I only played this when I was an adult but it's still a good game, I feel 3DO definitely had some great underrated games
    I enjoy both the first and second Battletanx as well as army men Sarge's Heroes 1 and 2. Great review.

  16. I really loved this games, my favorite one was the first Battletanx, but this second one is cool too. It's a shame that 3DO company got broken :'(

  17. Eines der besten Spiele!

  18. This game really needs a remake

  19. You cannot beat BattleTanx Global Assualt on the Nintendo 64 from the 3DO

  20. I want to get this game, and I'd rather have this than the original, but should I get the original first since there's a story involved?

  21. This should've competed with PS1's Twisted Metal series. It looks like it has more replay value to me.

  22. Gordon Ramsey does video games.

  23. I have this game but I lost the memory chip thing r.i.p

  24. Single player campaign was good, but multiplayer mode was just hilarious.

    I spent so many hours with my little brother playing multiplayer matches.

  25. Sorry, but first battle tanx was issued for Famicom

  26. The "enemies killed" font looks like the one from Friends.

  27. I spent my childhood playing this game with friends! Great game


  29. Honestly great game AI was good on multiplayer good sounteack and decent controls and unique abilities and power ups its sad this game flew under the radar

  30. The reason why there was no third Battletanx game was that the game's developer, 3DO, went bankrupt in 2003 before it could be released. Their games reportedly had poor sales, forcing them to close.

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