Batman Arkham Knight: Man-Bat Gameplay




1) Get all of your mesh-swapping files ready.
2) Go to console.txt and enter this code:


set RAddContentPlayerCharacterMesh MainMesh SkeletalMesh’Kirk_Langstrom_Mesh.Mesh.Kirk_Langstom_Skin_Cell’
set RAddContentPlayerCharacterMesh BodyMesh SkeletalMesh’Kirk_Langstrom_Mesh.Mesh.Kirk_Langstom_Skin_TrewsCell’
set RAddContentPlayerCharacterMesh CapeMesh None


set RPawnPlayer CapeGlideGravity -9000
set RPersistentDebugData Debug_PowerGlide true
set RPlayerController CapeGlideMaxSpeed 2000
set RPlayerController CapeGlideMinSpeed 2000
set RPlayerController CapeGlideAccelRate 2000
set RPersistentDebugData Debug_UseNormalGlideAccelDecel true
Set RPawnPlayer MinGrappleSpeed 2000
set RPawnPlayer MaxGrappleSpeed 2000
set RAddContentPlayerCharacterMesh MainMesh SkeletalMesh’Manbat_Mesh.Mesh.Manbat_Skin’
set RAddContentPlayerCharacterMesh BodyMesh SkeletalMesh’Manbat_Mesh.Mesh.Manbat_Skin’
set RAddContentPlayerCharacterMesh ExtraMeshes None
set RAddContentPlayerCharacterMesh CapeMesh None

Thankfully, both codes work perfectly with all characters.

3) Enter the game. Go to wherever Man-Bat is (in the city or his showcase), or to Kirk Langstrom’s cell in the GCPD after completing the side mission, and press your mesh-swap key.
4) Enter the game and mash your mesh-swap key as it loads.
5) She’s dead, Kirk.

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Thanks for watching!
– Sam Burke, AKA ElectroNuke.


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  1. I love this game but it would have been way cooler if we could choose every skin we got but playing as Batman of course .

  2. Heh, if there is a game that actually lets you play as Man-bat then i think every bad-guy in the city would piss their pants, and possibly everyone else as well. You fly around Gotham and use your senses to find your prey. And as for the looks i imagine something we have seen in the 90's and the 2004 type of design.

  3. When u caught man bat 4 the first time I immediately thought
    Modded man bat “come on we have to save our kind”
    Manbat “no I’m not gay f**k off”

  4. Lmao! Ew…why did they have to make Man-Bat extremely uglier than he already is in other things??? 😂😂😂 Great video!


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