Atari Paddle Controller Plug n Play System Review – The No Swear Gamer Ep 406


Today’s episode covers the Atari Paddle TV Games Plug and Play by Jakks Pacific.
It contains 13 games: Breakout, Canyon Bomber, Casino, Circus Atari, Demons to Diamonds, Night Driver, Steeple Chase, Street Racer, Super Breakout, Video Olympics, Warlords, Arcade Pong & Arcade Warlords.

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  1. Nice review. I never thought of getting one, but lately I've been on a retro kick and got an Arari Flashback 9. Unfortunately, they still haven't made compatible paddles for it yet (they may never).
    Found a 2 player one of these for real cheap and it's great. There is just no fun substitute for using an actual paddle with the breakout games.

  2. Video olympics is great on the two player version – you get hockey, foosball, volleyball etc. Just no 1p vs. computer mode for these games.

  3. I think the videogame world lost something when the rotary paddle controller went away. Trackpads/mice/touchscreens do an OK job of controlling this type of game, but the standard modern game controller doesn't have anything to really match it.

    In the era of early TV consoles that just had several built-in Pong-like games, paddles were the primary form of game controller. I suppose you could regard this plug 'n' play as a throwback to that era.

  4. Sorry to break it to you, but I don't think this is NOAC hardware. Logo and menus look a bit too high color for it to be such. It might be either ARM or some other custom SoC hardware. Not trying to be mean, just something I noticed.

  5. I got this when it was new, and I was in college. I ended up leaving it at my parents after Christmas break, and it got lost! Ugh, I’m going to have to get this one again. Games like Demons to Diamonds and Breakout (which I love) are nearly impossible to play on any controllers other than a paddle, so this is a great plug n play. Super Breakout and Street Racer are my personal favorites.

  6. Really good review of a fun plug n play. I have the single player version. Out of all my plug n plays for atari or Atari era games, this is the only one I really go back to. I have since gotten a few actual Atari paddle controllers after I got this plug n play.

  7. Never seen the 2 player version. That is kind of cool. I have the single player version and I did not like it much. This seems like more the same, to me anyway. Great review bud.


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