ANGRY MEN SPACE (a parody of Angry Birds Space)


NEW SPINNOFF VIDEO: BAD PUPPIES (a parody of Bad Piggies)

NEW: Tutorial – How To Make Real Life Angry Birds Levels:


A real life version of Angry Birds Space. The sequel to the highly popular ANGRY MEN video made last summer. But this time the men take the game to outer space. Based on the game Angry Birds Space.
The opening skit is based off of the this animation for the game:

Be sure to watch ANGRY MEN if you haven’t already:

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  1. This cool

  2. Level 4

  3. Memories.

  4. Man I wanna play this so badly

  5. Too Good
    Too True

  6. I’m… I’m lost ._.

  7. Can we mix?

  8. Angry Birds & Angry Men in space.

  9. do Angry men go! and angry men blast!

  10. great

  11. what?????????????????????????????

  12. Angry Men go

  13. level 3: boobs

  14. 2:14 bottom right corner: wtf! also loved your vids dude.

  15. angry men starwars

  16. you had to make it a BIG dog. really

  17. …If you're still having the problem,check youtube's helper thing.I had the same problem once but after I followed the guide,I fixed it.

  18. you guys really (like parentheses) in you're titles. I think they're slightly unnecessary but whatever floats ur boat my frend

  19. LOL AT 1:44

  20. This is really well made!

  21. More like angry humans space

  22. 0:35 ?????????

  23. was that a happy gost?

  24. me to

  25. and is that portal real?

  26. make the whole movie but make the part where orange birds comes to space

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