A Tour of the Sparky Engine


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  1. I'm three quarters of my way through the video, but I want to ask before I forget if you try to use PODs when you can so that you can avoid making copy constructors, move constructors, copy assignment, and move assignment methods? Do you use any of the move stuff that is new in c++11, 14? Do you use virtual (and override) liberally at first until it's time for optimization?

  2. Hey Cherno, just finished watching the video (watched it over a few days). I remember you asking if you should do a video on how the engine works. I would love to see a video on that. If you do it, may a make a suggestion on focusing on the renderer including the generic shader class you have set up. That kind of stuff is really interesting.

  3. Hi, Can you please post if sparky setup can be done on a linux machine and any alternatives for some libraries if they are not available on linux. Thanks in advance

  4. Does C++ not have anything like Maven? Do you really have to manage all the dependencies and the build-management manually? How do you even do that when you have like…30 dependencies?

  5. "first thing you want to do is star the engine." I legit went to the github repository just to do that and found out I already starred it. XD

  6. I feel really bad. I was the first person to dislike ;(
    I thought it would be more visual than just coding.

  7. I prefer the command line over the gui interface. Mostly because I'm faster with on my keyboard than with my mouse.

  8. Thank you for this. Great work.

    EDIT: I absolutely understand you want people to support you on Pateron. You certainly deserve it and there is nothing wrong about asking for support in the video. Just please, when you add Sparky related rewards do not take away anything from what is free now and make it "paid". Add something new, something not that important (like models and resources in general etc.). I think that it would lower the value of the project. Thanks.


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