A Holy $S#!+ Moment on Tournament of Champions | Food Network

Believe it or not, this DID happen 😲 Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, a no. 1 seed, was ousted from the competition by no. 8 seed Chef Darnell Ferguson in an unbelievable upset no one could have predicted!

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  1. I was really proud of Darnell when he won. In this age of millennials its great to see focus and determination on what's really important because life's not just about party's, video games and getting high. You have to have to grow up and be responsible and he has done ALL that! Congrats my brother!!!!!!

  2. She definitely threw this. Food Network probably paid her “X” amount to lose so they could create the “David Slays Goliath” storyline.

  3. Chef Darnell out here looking like Kawhi Leonard.

  4. How did Alex gain so much weight

  5. My brackets were busted a long time ago. I had Michael Symon over Villanova and Michigan State over Amanda Freitag.

  6. Woohoo! I admire them both. Two of the absolute best chefs ever!

  7. Alex is my girl crush! This cannot be!

  8. I live in tuscumbia where superhero chefs is located. I can honestly say that I love his potential and effort that he has put into his work. It had definitely paid off. Amazing work.

  9. im just glad it's not "fake". so it;s worth watching after all.

  10. Alex is my girl – but I gotta say – I was super happy for Darnell. What an amazing moment for him!!

  11. This definitely made culinary history. Congrats to Darnell and Alex went out with style.

  12. IDC. Happy for Darnell. Alex's last two plates shouldn't have been counted, cuz she was more than a second late. but it paid off because Darnell won. 🤟

  13. What was Alex Thinking!! Making a plain old waffle in the tournament, She must have thought she was on chopped lol I love Darnell though!!

  14. Hubba Hubba💗 I love me some Chef curtis Stone😘

  15. YOU GO, COUSIN! 💕

  16. Is there who can Anyone can put the episode . I don’t have food network in my tv .

  17. Does anyone else think Alex threw the challenge? 🤔

  18. And like all other brackets I will make this month, mine was busted on the first day

  19. 😁✌🖖👌👍😎

  20. When is this on?

  21. It was that waffle iron!

  22. Alex is one of my favorite chefs but I'm so happy for Darnell

  23. Is there a word greater than "legendary"?? Cuz that's exactly what this round in culinary history is! How does this video have only 16000 views? Everyone on this planet should see this!

  24. What an upset…Alex is one of Food Network Finest!

  25. This was one of BEST competitions I've seen on Food Network in years!! A lot of my favorite chefs ❤

  26. Who else competed and won? I missed the episode and can't find a recap

  27. 👍

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