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The challenge is to create a retro arcade game logo that incorporates an idea of design and an idea of chickens. In this video 8 designers go head to head in creating a retro arcade game logo. You get to decide which designers advance to the next round!

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  1. Does anyone know how to make the shadow effect in Renata's logo? Like the blue trailing shadows, they're really cool. Please help me

  2. You should do Europe designers vs America (ALL AMERICA NORTH N SOUTH) let the battle begin!!

  3. Renata's logo is sick 🔥🔥

  4. Bryan is already my favourite for every episode, I just know it

  5. Your positivity is like distilled cat videos 💗

  6. Portugal em força!

  7. I love the whole Ralph Breaks the Internet vibes going on here. Fun topic.

  8. I don't like this new way of voting. It was so much quicker and easier to vote on the YouTube video. I don't want to have to go to a second website in order to vote. Plus I don't have an Instagram account, and I don't want one. So now I'm left out of the voting.

  9. I must be blind iv search this Instagram page from top to toe and inside out and I can't find the voting system at all. Please provide some detailed info on how to do this please.

  10. I think way too many of these went for a vaporwave aesthetic. Probably because the ASUS site did so as well.

    But arcades games in the 80's and 90's didn't look like that. There was wild variation in the designs because the goal was to get noticed.

  11. I wish I could’ve joined this I have a shitty laptop I use for graphic designing and video editing

  12. abraham got something going on with the blue colors its seriously dope

  13. Bryan's design was impeccable. Excited to see his future work.

  14. How did I miss the first episode!!

  15. Amazing intro!

  16. Sick intro! 😀

  17. community submissions are better than the ones in the competition

  18. Renata ATE this challenge

  19. I just binged the last 2 seasons and wondered when this would start. IM SO EXCITED.

  20. The community submissions were miles better, imo.

  21. “I like the egg down here” 8:45

  22. WHAT IF?? you would re-design the MacOs Big Sur icons🤯

  23. So the voting happens in ROG's Instagram story? I guess this means that there only is a 24h timeframe to vote. What a shame, I just missed it then.

  24. someone discovered GLYPHWORLD haha 😊

  25. hilarious zim calls all these chickens guys when chickens are definitively girls lol

  26. My picks would be Eszter, Bryan, Bojan, Renata. Lots of the community submissions were dope as well!

  27. Renata’s design made my jaw drop for real. Wow. Just wow.

  28. Really nice video Zimri. Well done to the participants.

  29. Some of these real amateurish and don't really fit brief.

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