33/39 BUBBLE BEAR! BUBBLE BEAR OTK DECK! | Legends of Runeterra | LoR Bubble Bear Deck

Bubble Bear OTK is the BEST WAY to get a massive Bubble Bear. I got a 33/39 Bubble Bear using the Fizz OTK deck with Starlit Seers and spells, but instead of Fizz I used our beloved friend Bubble Bear. Bubble Bear is more susceptible to removal than Fizz, but he is much more cute than Fizz so that makes up for it. I hope you enjoy this fun LoR Bubble Bear Deck and maybe Bubble Bear rest in peace.


Deck Song: Distant by Lakey Inspired
Bubble Bear’s Theme: Toy Piano by Wayne Jones
Bubble Bear’s Memory Theme: Funeral by Zurda

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  1. F's in Chat for Bubble Bear
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  2. F

  3. This type of originality I love! So awesome with Bubble 🐻!

  4. In loving memory of Swim
    10:37 – 11:31

  5. I saw your video whitout sound, I was working, emmh, sorry for my english I'm argentinian, and I laughed a lot haha your expressions are very funny! poor bubble bear 🙁

  6. NOOO

  7. F

  8. The cruelty to bubble bear, F for bubble bear, he will always be remembered.

  9. ♡♡♡

  10. Bruh bad card

  11. God damn demacians Ruinationed Swim, can't have shit in Runeterra

  12. Its not smart to form the deck only of one card..

  13. made my bubble day

  14. Its high time to bash that fellow for not letting you use OTK bubble bear, rip bubble bear

  15. F

  16. Imagine seeing a 33/39 bubble bear then thinking oh I'm gonna ruination cos I wanna win 🤓🤓🤓

  17. He knew what he was doing. 😂

  18. i liked your double dragon overwhelm deck and won my first 3 games with it and then switched to ladder and got crushed several times 🙂

  19. I've been playing this deck and it is really fun but i keep losing cos i keep getting outnumbered on the board as i draw only spells 😛

  20. Nobody:
    someone: feeling cute. might want to ruination bubble bear rn

  21. Hi @Silverfuse – Legends of Runeterra deck bubble bear How is it different? Deck Code: CEBQEAIBAQQAEAQBA4FAIAQGCMVS2MICAIAQCBI6AQBAMEQUDU6QEAQCAYMBSAQBAEASU


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