2020 Mercedes Benz CLA250 Test Drive Video Review

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When Mercedes-Benz first introduced the CLA back in 2013 people were excited, there was a Mercedes-Benz for just under $30,000. But then the car got here and we found that it was a little cramped and the material quality wasn’t that nice, so we kind of pushed it aside. Now, 7 years later, Mercedes is ready to give this another go, with the 2nd generation 2020 CLA. We have a feeling this is going to be a little more to our liking.

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  1. I think this was a disappointing review and far behind from how it should be
    And look like you really don't know that much about last generation cla (from design to build quality and…)


  3. Be prepared….the waterpump will go bad at 57,000 miles…..at least im not the only one…..wife is still pissed…..$1,200

  4. This car will be 32 or less in 12-18 months. If you really want one, just wait a little while.

  5. Thanks god here in Mexico all those features come standard for $45,000 except the perforated seats

  6. 54k for a CLA? Wtf

  7. Is this the only colour you could have probably picked up?😂🔥

  8. I have a question for anyone. If I were to buy a 5 year old model of this with 35,000 km for $22,000 Canadian is that worth it? I only drive to work and back. I’m not a car person but I’ve always wanted a Mercedes and I don’t want to buy brand new 😫 help! And be nice to me pls

  9. You didn't point out the fake chromed dual exhaust tips on the Benz. Guy at work has one and I peaked under the rear bumper to verify the dual exhaust tubing actually points down to the ground and is not even attached to those chromed exhaust tips in the bumper. Absolutely silly form over function, kind of like generating fake exhaust sounds through the audio system. 👎

  10. Good review but Mercedes is out of touch with reality . Small cramped and 4cyl ..Sad. $54k ??? There are bazillions of better choices . Guess they are charging $20k for the Mercedes badging? ..HAHA The Genesis G70 with 365 Hp Turbo 6 with luxury pack is still cheaper ,better quality and warranty and would annihilate this 228 hp 4 cylinder poser … Sorry Mercedes but you need to wake up …

  11. Get a Honda Accord and you have purchased a vehicle tons superior to a low end Mercedes. Worst thing about these cheap Benz are the ride and suspension. Budget money for flat tires and bent wheels and loud harsh ride. Junk vehicles.

  12. I bet it would look much better in almost any other color.

  13. No clue why youd choose this when a fully loaded G70 is the same price

  14. While longer and wider, the 2008 VW CC looks nicer on the exterior, 12 years later. Most of it stems from Mercedes' use of AMG's black wheels on everything. It's an aftermarket look instead of premium. If I desired a small Mercedes sedan, I think I'd go with a late 80s  190 2.3-16V, invest in a nice infotainment upgrade, skip the Pep Boys interior lighting, pocket 20K and still have my money's worth 5 years from now.

  15. Do some of the materials give or have a creakiness to them? A lot of modern Mercedes have that issue

  16. Those 2 little things either side the rear licence plate is only on US/Canadian spec models. The European models don't have it. Apparently it has to do with some legislation for very low speed fender benders or something over there.

  17. Love the Color. I wish more cars had interesting colours besides the usual black white and silver

  18. The retina frying yellow is horrendous, and the rear clip looks like a Buick Verano. The interior is cramped looking. Model 3 please.

  19. It looks like a rolling bannana

  20. When that car gets its first crash, it`ll notice like nite and day

  21. $54K?? No Thank You! I’ll take a Tesla Model Y or a a new Sonata N version and put the rest of the $20K on a investment.

  22. 2:01 Only in the US because of government regulations.

  23. Massive upgrade in all departments. Not sure if I’d choose that color. But I probably wouldn’t choose the CLA anyway as the Volvo S60 starts at $36k

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