15 Best Hunting Games That Will Test Your Skills

Hunting in video games seems to have blown up in recent times. If it wasn’t last year’s Horizon: Zero Dawn, then it was this year’s Monster Hunter World and Red Dead Redemption 2. Still, hunting has always had a place in gaming history – let’s take a look at 15 titles which offer some of the best hunting gameplay out there.

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  1. So cool.

  2. A great game with a hunting feature is definitely RDR2. Turn off music and turn up your TV. It’s really fucking cool! Seek, kill, cook, camp. Come on. You can’t turn down RDR2 when it comes to hunting. Use the wrong gun and you don’t get a good enough pelt as if you were to use the correct gun. You can use bows, knives, snipers, rifles, fishing rods, what more could you ask for? Great graphics and sound effects. It should’ve been number 1 on the list.

  3. The witcher 3 wild hunt

  4. WHAT? I'm sorry but how are any of these hunting games except Call of the Wild?? Where is Hunting Simulator? Why are hack and slash games included in this list?

  5. What your horrible list should have been

    3. Cabelas big game hunter 2014
    2. The Hunter Classic
    1. The hunter call of the wild

  6. Wow, DUCK HUNT??? Seriously?

  7. What deer hunter is this? i cant find it

  8. you like unreal games

  9. Hey bung where's god eater??

  10. bro i download far cry primal but the survey of license key does not show

  11. Goddamn what a disappointing video

  12. Damn this channel is trash.

  13. This dude has no idea what hunting is probably a noob in it

  14. I will suicide if rdr2 didn't launch in pc

  15. Please change title of video to "Games that have the word "hunt" associated with it. Half the games you don't actually "hunt" in, you just do a couple game mechanics and fight a boss.

  16. Witcher 3isthe best hunting game? LMAO jesus christ

  17. Thanks

  18. Are you serious? Horizon zero Dawn, The Hunt Showdown, GTA are NOT hunting games! Deer Hunter 2005, Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2010 are "hunting games" that even had actually competitions online against friends and randoms. Get real, your list sucks.

  19. What about the Carnivores games!!!

  20. How did GTA make it on this list and not Hunter call of the wild?

  21. I enjoyed the hunting in Red Dead Redemption 2 until I got to the legendary panther master hunter challenge. I killed it and skinned it . It shows the x on the map and I can make things out of the skin , but it says I haven’t finished it. I quit playing months ago because I put a lot of time into that for nothing.

  22. I think the hunter call of the wild should be number 1

  23. hunting game you fuckin idiot just hunting

  24. Horizon zero dawn Monster Hunter World Dauntless Farcry Primal

  25. Your videos sucks dick

  26. Wtf do you hunt in Subnautica xd this video is way of theme

  27. the hunter classic and the hunter call of the wild is the best looking and best hunting games i personaly think so at least

  28. hzd num 1

  29. You are really grasping at straws in this video xD Only like 3 titles were actual hunting game, rest was hack & slash + shoot at a person games… I get that the genre is pretty sparse at the moment, but that is exactly the reason why it WAS this video's purpose to focus on such gems, not the fillers. Pretty disappointing video.

  30. Far cry 5 is the best hunting game

  31. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate should’ve been #7 or #6 because of how difficult the game was to play on two different aspects

  32. What a weird "Hunting" game list?

  33. the Monster Hunter series are my favorite! sooooo good!

  34. Yeah, I don't think you qutie get about HALF of the games you featured. Much less what it means to be hunting something.

  35. Where is hunting simulator

  36. I’m guessing #1 is going to be thehunter Call of the Wild

  37. How is monster hunter not even among the first 3 spots?

  38. Horizon zero Dawn should have been in the top 5

  39. GTA over Monster hunter??

  40. No Dragons Dogma?

  41. Why was #6 so short?

  42. Once again white wolf proved that he is the best.

  43. Iam here just for dauntless <3

  44. Monster hunter is what defines hunting as a genre. The vast majority of these games don't qualify.

  45. Totally expected Bloodborne after seeing Witcher 3 here! ..oh wait

  46. duck hunt is still the best 😎😎🦆🐶

  47. Most of these games aren’t even about hunting and why was not call of the wild on number 1

  48. Skyrim

  49. Hb god eater and Ark and also skyrim

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