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정신 차린 김소은, 함께 누워있던 송재림에 '버럭' 《Our Gab Soon》 우리 갑순이 EP18

Our Gab Soon 우리 갑순이 EP18 20161023 SBS

뒤늦게 술에서 깬 김소은(신갑순)은 자신과 함께 누워 있던 송재림(허갑돌)에 화를 내며 급하게 나가버린다.

Weekend family drama ‘Our Gab Soon’ features the marriage and the life of married couple in positive ways. It’s scheduled to premiere on Sat, August 27th at 8:45PM and it airs every Sat/Sun 8:45PM.

☞ Visit ‘Our Gab Soon’ official website and get more information!:

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Nguồn: https://landscapeelms.com

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  1. The most beautiful Korean actress for me!!!😃😃🤩🇰🇷🇰🇷

  2. Hello I am sinhala i am from sri lanka

  3. 저 귀걸이 우결에서 산거랑 비슷

  4. 솔직히 이건 설렐수밖에 없는장면

  5. Wgm should've done a thing where when the couple is done with the show, they make their own mini drama series

  6. 윤석열총장님 사전투표 조사해주세요

  7. Name drema

  8. 우결보다보니 여기까지 왔네

  9. اسم المسلسل بلعربي بليز

  10. 우결에서도 만나고////

  11. 아니 외국인들은 알아먹고 댓글을 쓰는건가

  12. Yêu cặp này thật

  13. Didn’t they do wgm? Or was it with different people

  14. Can't believe it's been 3 years already. Wild..

  15. Kim so eun and kim tae hee are the most prettiest korean for me..they both so cute..

  16. Love that in kdrama everyone wakes up pretty lol

  17. who knew that they're regular wrestling bed in wgm would end up like this🤣🤣🤣


  19. Есть тут русские? Скажите пожалуйста как на русском название

  20. Xin tên phim

  21. English pleeeease😭😭😭🥶

  22. https://youtu.be/r75nvu-iyeo

  23. Co ai vn ko,pjm j day

  24. Wait so were they costars and then were on We Got Married or?

  25. Name drama please???

  26. What is name film Yo…

  27. She's not gonna wake up that early if they really doing it.. You know, he's so.. 😏😏😏😏

  28. When you're a fan of thumping spike 1&2 and you feel weird at the same time excited about these two😂

  29. Film ?

  30. Что за дорама???

  31. Wow they really have a kdrama. i thought its WGM only. haha nc 1. how about Henry & Yewon? miss them much 🤣🤣🤣

  32. What is the drama?

  33. Xin tên phim

  34. what flim ?

  35. Tilte pls with english sub

  36. OMG

  37. Drama name plss

  38. 求片名

  39. ส่งมาเลยคะอยากดูคะ

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